Creating an Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring private companies is very simple. Find one for sale and pay the highest price in the auction. Brokers make this easy by sending out hundreds of thick catalogues extolling the virtues of companies they represent but rarely disclosing the real reason they wish to sell and herding you into a rigid sales process.

The trick to making strategic acquisitions that will improve the chemistry of your company while increasing its value is identifying companies with the talented and motivated leaders who will buy into and augment your vision for the future. These companies are rarely for sale.

If you have the desire to expand your company’s presence in existing markets, or diversify into tangential markets, Western can partner with you to develop and execute an acquisition strategy. Western’s collegial approach is radically different from just about everyone else – its fun and it works and, best of all, it gets you and the leadership team of your new acquisition aligned from the very beginning. It is really hard to win without talent.

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Acquiring Talent

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