We Are Pathfinders

As trusted advisors, we are the scouts out in front of the talented founders & owners we serve.

Owning a business is an exceptional journey, and the way forward is not always clear. Western excels at uncovering unique challenges that lie ahead and discovering inventive solutions to guide you forward. We navigate the complexity and uncertainty that comes with selling or expanding your business, cutting a clear path for the next step in your journey.

Helping Founders & Owners

Let’s discuss mitigating your risk while improving the opportunities for you, your family, and all the people who have helped you create a successful business enterprise.

Western specializes in helping business owners take chips off the table while positioning their companies for even greater success. We have a twenty-five-year track record of successfully helping our clients plan for the future.


eddie chiles

A word from our founder, Don Woodard, Jr., on the influence of his mentor Eddie Chiles and the legacy of the Western name and culture.

eddie chiles

Eddie Chiles (1910-1993)

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