Taking Care of Business
Xiang Zhang (1954-)
Part of the Western Art Collection

Western can help you navigate the sale of all or part of a business, the buy-out of partners or family members looking to take chips off the table, and succession planning to ensure your company’s legacy remains intact.

Western is an expert in the discreet negotiation and management of transactions involving the sale of a private business.

Many catalysts can lead business owners to consider the sale
of their company:

  • The desire for growth capital
  • Thoughts of retirement or a lifestyle change
  • Diverging interests among partners
  • Lack of a succession plan
  • A change in family circumstances

Whatever the underlying reason for a transaction, Western aims to reduce the stress and uncertainty that comes with such an undertaking.


  • Common Misconceptions and Assumptions in M&A

    For many business owners, the decision to sell their business marks a significant milestone in their journey. Whether prompted by financial considerations, personal goals, or market dynamics, selling a company can be a complex and emotional process. However, amidst the excitement and anticipation, it is essential to address the common misconceptions that often cloud the […]

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  • Capital Gains and Your Business

    3/17/2024 Update: Last week, President Joe Biden announced his 2025 budget proposal. The plan calls for an increase in the capital gains tax from 20% to 39.6%, along with a package of other tax increases. While this announcement is not surprising, it highlights the need for business owners considering selling their company within the next five […]

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  • The After-Tax Value of Your Business Could Drop 25%

    In 2021, President Biden proposed a near doubling of the federal capital gains tax rate from 20% to 39.6%, sending shockwaves through the business community [1]. While President Biden’s plan ultimately was blocked by the slimmest of margins in the Senate, there’s a reasonable risk that a similar or pared-down package of tax hikes will […]

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  • Not A Process

    Western does not run your business through a “process.” If you want the cookie-cutter approach, you can think of a chicken factory. An egg goes in, and a chicken comes out – there’s a process. The way many businesses are sold is through a broad auction process. This involves taking a company’s most delicate financial […]

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  • The Strategic Role of Estate Planning in Business Succession

    Estate planning considerations can be a driving force behind business owners’ decisions to sell their company, introducing a complex interplay of financial, personal, and legacy factors. One primary motivation stems from the desire to efficiently transfer wealth to heirs. Business owners often view the sale as an opportunity to liquefy their assets and ensure a […]

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  • A Brighter Light

    When someone is contemplating selling their company, it’s literally going into the dark night, hoping to find that brighter light. They are looking for a whole host of things, but most people want their lives to be better afterward than before. Business owners have a lot of things that keep them up at night in […]

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