Conversation on the High Plains
Frank Tenney Johnson (1874-1939)
Part of the Western Art Collection

Acquiring a company is very simple. Find one for sale and pay the highest price in the auction. Brokers make this easy by sending out hundreds of thick catalogs extolling the virtues of the companies they represent but rarely disclosing the real reason they wish to sell and herding you into a rigid process. This is not the way we view M&A. We enjoy a nimble, dynamic approach and prefer engaging in highly personal transactions over cold, broad auctions.

We believe in the development and execution of a crafted acquisition strategy that considers short-term and long-term objectives.

Western can handle all aspects of the buy-side process:

  • Working with your executive leadership team to identify areas of opportunity
  • Identifying only the most attractive acquisition candidates in the desired market
  • Strategizing the best method of approaching the target with a message
    that highlights the exciting opportunities available at your company
  • Working alongside your internal M&A team to perform valuation, LOI
    negotiation, and due diligence/closing activities

Western’s collegial approach is radically different from just about everyone else – it’s fun, and, best of all, it works by getting you and the leadership team of your new acquisition aligned from the very beginning.

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